Author: Elizabeth Reeves

Category: Paranormal & Fantasy Romance

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He's sugar. She's spice. He's ice cream. She's cupcakes. He's human. She's a witch. They both have secrets. Is this a recipe for disaster or true love?

Cindy Eller is a young baker with a brilliant gift for imaginative flavor profiles, and another gift for Magic. Though she comes from a big family of powerful witches (only don't use that term to Cindy's mother), Cindy herself is a bit of a Magical dud. She can add a little something special to her baking, but that's it. And then there's Cindy's private life. She never can seem to get it off the ground, and if she ever does make a connection with a man all it takes is one kiss and POOF! He turns into a toad. Some are big toads, some are small, some are cute, and some are slimy, but they are all toads. Cindy has no idea why this keeps happening to her, but it's been the one constant in her life since high school. It's pretty much impossible to stay in a relationship with a toad, so she just has to wait until they change back into men and run screaming away from her and her mixed-up Magic. Just as Cindy is set to get her bakery really moving, Timothy Borden walks into her life. She promptly, and literally, falls head over heels for him. Deep down, she's convinced this might be someone special, the "right" guy, the man who wouldn't turn into a toad if she ever kissed him... She just has to give it a try.