Author: Catherine Brown

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Most salespeople worry about seeming too pushy when they sell. They remember when they have been victims of aggressive sales tactics in the past, so now they vow to sell differently. As humans, we’re wired for survival so we avoid experiences that make us feel uncomfortable. However, avoiding selling is disastrous to business. Catherine Brown, Founder of the ExtraBold Sales system, understands why Good Humans struggle to sell. Learning a reliable sales process is only half of the success equation. The other half is about us, the sellers—our individual values, habits, beliefs, and goals. In this book, Catherine explains how social science helps us sell well. Her approach to selling without sleaze or cheese invigorates salespeople, so they can consistently overcome their fear of seeming pushy, reach more prospects, and close more business.What people are saying about

How Good Humans Sell:

"What I love about How Good Humans Sell is that the entire book is rooted in experience. Success? Yes. Losses? Even better. Catherine gives us a ‘look in the mirror’ complete with explanations and how to go fix what’s wrong in our own sales strategy. And it’s honest and authentic because she’s done it herself throughout her career.” Jason Nadal, Owner of Centrado Advising and Tech Startup Coach across Europe, Middle East, and North America

"Catherine identifies that B2B sales teams are failing for two reasons: false beliefs we hold as true, and the sales process we use. The first reason is reinforced by the fact that we tend to look for sales solutions outside ourselves, instead of within...The second reason for failing, the sales process we use (no matter how good the process) must be backed by the proper mindset to be effective. This book exceptionally guides the reader through both, resulting in the superb equipping of any person desiring to optimize their sales success." Rob Garibay, Business Growth Expert, Clarity Pro

"The most important thing you can do to increase the effectiveness of your sales team is to read “How Good Humans Sell” together. Talk about it. Implement it. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on sales training - but if you don’t incorporate the concepts in Catherine’s book, you are building on sand." Gene Hopper, Founder and Partner, The Mettise Group