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I wrote this book to help people see what I went through while I had the coronavirus. My goal is to help you understand the coronavirus. There are many people that have questions. How does it feel to have the virus? What did you take? How long did it last? What were your worst days? What symptoms did you have? Did the rest of your family get it? Did you go to the hospital?
I can tell you guys this. I did not go to the hospital. I was a soldier of coronavirus war. The hospital can be expensive. I showed people how I avoided the hospital. What medicine, food, and vitamins that help me fight the coronavirus.
We globally need to beat this virus. People looking for big governments and corporations to save us. We need to come together as a human race to share our experiences in books. People that beat the coronavirus need to let other people know how you beat it. Please do not be quiet about the virus. Let people know what they need to do to beat the virus. Humanity will win this battle. We beat the other plagues. We will beat this one.
This book is a short, but it has important information. It’s a real-life book that is genuine. I let you in my house so you can see my mistakes and the things that helped me. I hope you get something out of this book that will help you, your family members, and friends. Lets beat this virus.