Author: Mark Wayne McGinnis

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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"Nobody delivers the FUN, like McGinnis . . . another imaginative page-turner!" Brad FitzgeraldThe year is 2049, and we most certainly are not alone… A miraculous, life-enhancing microbe has been discovered on Mars and the race is on to bring the organism back to Earth. But failed physicist Jack Harding has his own reasons to get to Mars first—to save a dying, seven-year-old boy. All he must do to succeed is break the law—the law of gravity. To make the mission to Mars, Jack must perfect a ground-breaking anti-gravity technology and avoid being killed by the ruthless billionaire, Travis Locke, a man who has no qualms with breaking a few laws himself—even murder. The life of a young boy, one of five orphans entrusted to Jack’s care, hangs in the balance as Jack struggles between the man he once was and the man he hopes he can be again.Reviews:You won't regret reading this book.You will find yourself on the edge of your seat once they leave Earth, and you won’t scootch back until you put the book down. You won’t regret reading HOVER. - Nancy WFascinating Concept and Story! I was given a copy of Hover as a gift and thoroughly enjoyed it. Science fiction space opera is one of my favorite genres to read and this story had some very original concepts. The tension between the characters kept me interested as the motley crew entered space in a race to save one of their sons and bring an amazing medical discovery back to Earth. The story is both fun and exciting. Enjoy!-Stuart ChurchBest Science Fiction Book! This is one of the best sci-fi books I've read in the past ten years. MWM is great at military science fiction and now I know he is also great at writing sci-fi techno thrillers! Not since Mark Wayne McGinnis wrote Scrapyard Ship, have I been so entertained. Piper ChaseGreat. Just Great! I really love a book that is well written and with a great sense of humor! I was disappointed when I finished it. I can not criticize anything EXCEPT, it did not last long. I just wanted it to go on and on. I would recommend it to everyone, I believe they would really enjoy it! A sequel Mr.McGinnis pretty please? - Wesley GarrettGreat Adventure and Fun Read! Good character development and lots of action. It was a fun read and not too many future scenarios. Recommended reading if you like fun scifi. - Stan DrakeAn awesome science fiction thriller! Mr. McGinnis has done it again. This novel is full of interesting science, very bad guys, human drama, and best of all, fun. It's the type of story that you can't put down until you've read it all. Here's hoping a sequel is in the works. - IreneExcellent Science Fiction Book! Mark Wayne McGinnis has created an intriguing storyline with an excellent cast of characters with HOVER. I highly recommend this book along with all of this author's works of science fiction, beginning with Scrapyard Ship. - Lou M.From Scrapyard Ship to the USS Hamilton to HOVER, another great science fiction thriller is here!MWM knows how to spin a good yarn. This one is a mix of sci-fi space adventure and sci-fi techno-thriller. Thank you Mr. McGinnis for continuing to provide such fun entertainment.-Charles D.Amazing Space Adventure!Mark Wayne McGinnis has done it again. In the style of BV Larson, only better. The author adds just the right blend of humor and tension and just a splash of romance. - Sue P.Great Suspense Throughout / A different kind of Science fiction, techno-thriller!If you like plot twists and great science fiction then this book is just right. Can't wait for the next one.-JeffGreat Techo-thrillerI love this authors writing. This is another of his can't stop reading novels. The story is fast-paced and enjoyable.-KC