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What if you could not only grow beautiful houseplants for yourself to enjoy, but also propagate them to give to friends or to sell?

With many people working from home and with weather becoming more extreme, your home environment is more important than ever. Houseplants are becoming increasingly popular and are a great hobby for all ages. Plants clean the air in your home and provide you with fresh oxygen. Not only this, but they are beautiful to look at and contribute to the ambiance of your home. They are also low-maintenance friends, a pet requires a lot of work, house plants are much easier and thrive with some basic nurturing.

My name is Elizabeth Martens, I have been growing house plants for most of my adult life, almost 30 years! I have learned what to do and what not to do the hard way, that is why I’m sharing with you the important basics of growing houseplants in your home so you don’t waste any time or money. I have included many tips and tricks that I have also learned over the years. To me, propagating plants is a win-win situation, the plant ensures its offspring will be around for a long time and you get more plants to enjoy yourself, or give as gifts or sell. And this can all be done in your home!

Houseplants for Beginners covers all the main points you will need to know when choosing a new plant for your home and how to successfully grow and propagate it.

In Houseplants for Beginners you will learn:

Common types of house plantsHow to choose a plant that suites your home and lifestyleWhat conditions your plant needs to thriveProper containers for your plantFertilizing your plantCommon plants for easy propagationHow to propagate your plants for gifts or to sellOver 50 color photos!Additional access to download my BONUS book “Terrarium Gardening.”

And that’s not all!

The world has changed a lot recently, many people are spending more time at home, why not fill your home environment with beautiful house plants and fresh oxygen. In addition to enjoying houseplants, how about making some money from the houseplants you already have in your home?

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