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Do You Want To Grow A Plant But Struggle With Keeping It Healthy? Here’s The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide on How To Choose, Care and Cultivate Your Plant!

Are you unsure of how to start your plant parenthood? Or maybe you’re here because all the plants you’ve handled seemed to wither instead of grow?

Well, guess what, having a green thumb, or being good with plants, is grown from learning and isn’t actually something you are “born” with!

Many people assume once you try out fostering a plant and it doesn’t grow healthy, you automatically have no skill in handling them ever again. It would then appear as though you like plants but the plants don’t like you.

But that’s not true! In fact, those people who get it right the first time are probably just lucky!

Did you know there are plants that even you can’t possibly kill? Maybe then you could try one of those plants and grow out your first healthy plant!

Hone your green thumb, find out which plant you’re comfortable with, and more with this new book Houseplant For Beginners by Stella GreenMaj!