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In House Pour, Martina Tisdell reveals how a small town REALTOR® with big city ambition makes her goals manifest while giving readers an inside view of her journey and all her sacrifices to get where she is. Have you ever considered what you would have to give up to live your best life? From transitioning into her real estate career from a corporate job, prospering in her position while being true to self, effectively creating a brand, to helping others achieve their life goals, it all mattered. Ultimately, all these experiences gave her the keys she needed to obtain much needed keys of her own. Tisdell is providing essential insight so other aspiring entrepreneurs, homeowners, and dreamers alike can utilize these same keys to open the door to their true purpose. If you want something bad enough, circumstances should never define you. How much you pour into the process should. Whether it is the bungalow or the mansion where you may be, live it up!