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Contrary to popular belief, there is more than one way to be a trucker and build your own business. Welcome to the world of hotshot trucking!

Hotshot trucking is a great way to start your own business without all the cost and regulations of a big rig trucking company. You get to set your own routes and hours, run your own show, and give yourself the money and flexibility you desire.

This book covers all you’ll need to know to buy your own truck and trailer rig and get out there and start making money. From the basics of how the industry works, this will help take you through buying your first truck and trailer. Breaking down all the options and extras so you can make an informed choice about your rig.

You’ll learn all the tools of the trade and the equipment you will need to move your loads. Straps, chains, ropes, ramps - you name it! What to look for, how to find them, and where to shop. Plus, a section with maintenance tips on trucks, trailer, and gear! Everything that you are going to need to get that load to its new home.

All the information you’ll need on what licensing and documents you’ll be required to obtain and how and where to file. How to open a business. Do you need an LLC? Office space? Plus information on how to figure out your costs and budget for your business.

But, how do you find your loads? It’s all explained here as the book opens up the world of the load boards where hotshot truckers find their loads and bid for their next gig. You’ll learn how to figure out how much to charge, how to bid properly, plus the other features these sites offer. Not only online, but you’ll learn to take advantage of other opportunities to network and advertise your services so you can get every possible load. Sections on advertising, social media, mailings and more.

You’ll get a peek on the road with topics on health, exercise, entertainment, and ways to stay on top mental and physical condition while driving. And what do in the case of accident, breakdown, injury, or many other situations.

The book also addresses numerous mistakes made by owner-operators that can lead to the downfall of their business. Now, you can learn from their mistakes and ensure the future of your company. Also included is a glossary of hotshot and trucking industry terms so you’ll be in the know.

When you complete this book, you’ll have all the information to go out and start your own hotshot trucking company. You’ll be able to enjoy the freedom, variety, potential, and fun of this high-growth industry!