Hot Daddy Package by Tracy Lorraine

Author: Tracy Lorraine

Category: Romance Books

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I love to hate him. He hates me right back.SukiScott Sullivan is the epitome of a turn off with his bad boy attitude and player ways. But his games won't work with me. I'd have run a mile already if we didn't have to work together.But everything changes when a surprise package arrives for him and he's forced to alter his lifestyle in the blink of an eye.I soon discover that his man-whore ways are just a cover because underneath the mask is a beautifully broken man craving a connection.Now I find myself helping him with his unexpected arrival, but am I falling for the man I've always loathed. They say there's a fine line...Am I about to cross it?ScottI thought she was a bitch.But now she's showing me a side of her I've never seen before. Helpful. Caring. And despite the fact there is no love lost between us, right now, when my world just imploded, I need her.Suddenly I'm a father, and I don't know what the hell to do. So when Suki steps in to help show me the way, I let her.The trouble is as I get used to the new baby girl in my life, I also get used to having Suki around.Now am I falling for the woman I've always detested?A HOT SINGLE DAD ROMANCE SERIES#1 Hot Daddy Sauce#2 Baby Daddy Rescue#3 The Daddy Dilemma#4 Single Daddy Seduction#5 Hot Daddy Package Read more