Horses of the Sun by Leanne Owens

Author: Leanne Owens

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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The young riders of Sunhaven Downs in outback Australia overcome everything life throws at them with intelligence and humour, but how will they endure the very annoying city cousin who has come to stay for a year? Although teens Dane and Lani and their ten-year-old brother Matthew try to welcome Amy, she seems determined to ruin their lives when she declares she hates horses and detests everything about the outback.

What they don’t know is that Amy has a secret – a secret that will save their lives on the night of the great storm… but not all will survive. In the darkness as the drought breaks, the legendary Min Min lights emerge from the land and a new legend is born.

In this introductory book to The Outback Riders, you meet the first of the young riders who dream of competing for Australia. The series follows them through their teen years as they handle crime, mysteries, droughts, fires, and floods, finding strength in their friendship, laughter, and horses. A series for readers of all ages who like clean outback adventures with fun, edge-of-your-seat action, and some heartbreaking moments.