Author: Grace Pat

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Is your life story characterized by pain, suffering, and brokenness?

We are all on a journey, and no one is exempt from experiencing trauma. Hope Ignited by Grace Pat affirms that your personal story of suffering is unique, important, and valid to God.

But all along, God was planting seeds of hope in her heart, and ultimately, after she began a new life in North America, she was led from brokenness to hope as she encountered Jesus. Her journey will inspire you on your own journey to:

Ask hard questions
Find God in prayer and miracles
Explore new boundaries of forgiveness
Find ide
ntity in your brokenness
Seek community with God
Find resilience and courage in the boundless hope of Jesus
Choose joy in all circumstances

Are you ready to encounter the God who can transform your life of bitterness into a wellspring of hope? Do you want to discover who you were always meant to become?

Start your journey today when you grab a copy of Hope Ignited, and take your first steps toward healing as you let God continue His transformative work on your heart.