Hood by Evan Pickering

Author: Evan Pickering

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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The Legend of Robin Hood is reborn in the ashes of the American apocalypse.
In the journal of a fallen enemy, Rob "Hood" Huntington finds pieces of himself. In the eyes of the ones he loves, he finds darkness he's never known. All he's ever wanted was peace and to be with his family. Now he's the only one left who can stop a mad ruler from destroying what's left of civilization.

My name is Rob Huntington. If this new world has shown me anything, it's that once things are taken from you, they are never coming back.
Good thing I never was a fast learner.

Rob "Hood" Huntington never wanted this life. When civilization collapses, he quickly realizes he's a naturally gifted marksman. But he doesn't see himself as a killer. When his family is ripped from him amidst a war between two wasteland kings, how long can he hold onto his ideals?
And how far down the path of darkness is he willing to go to to save the ones he loves?
"I've read a lot of postapoc fiction... and I have to say this is a solid five-star story...I highly recommend this one." -FromTheWastes

"This post apocalyptic tale is one of those rare reads where writing skill, imagination and just plain grit combine to make a story worth reading." -Amazon Reviewer

"Gripping narrative, vibrant characters and good pacing. I enjoyed every moment of it. . .Characters are memorable for their genuine, human and relatable thoughts and reactions. Simultaneously humorous and bitter, story is certainly worth your time." -Amazon Reviewer

"The writing is superb… Pickering has a way making the characters believable and relatable while painting a beautifully clear picture of a violent and not so beautiful world. Hood is well paced, suspenseful and action packed but also has a lot of heart… it deals with the characters internal and external demons making the reader think what you would do in a certain situation." -Amazon Reviewer

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