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Save in ways you didn’t know you could with laundry detergent soap
Tired of having to use the same detergent soap to laundry your clothes? Searching for a new scent? Are you getting rashes and allergic reactions on your current detergent soap? Looking for a better and safer option? Do they cost too much and you want to save money this time? Finding for a new hobby that is productive? If these are also the same questions that you are wondering, well, we have the answers for you! Yes, it is all inside this book!

Our clothing and the way wear them is a reflection of our own personality. It is one way of how people perceives us and judges us that is why it is important that we appear clean and fresh on them; thus, the undeniable importance of proper washing and laundry. It echoes on whether we have proper personal hygiene and care. But how do we make sure that what we use is not only clean but also safe to our skin?

Commercially brought detergents are not only expensive but can sometimes be harmful for you and your family. You might not notice it yet but once you truly observe how much we are spending on detergent soaps alone, you will be surprised. More than this, it can cause some allergic reactions to your skin because of the residue that is left on your clothing after you laundry them. It can even cause more serious problems for people who have sensitive skin because of the chemicals it contains and processes it underwent.

Homemade detergents are better and safer alternatives for your laundry detergent soaps because they are hypoallergenic so it is perfect for sensitive skin. Not only that, they are also easy to make and very cost-efficient. You will be amazed by how much you can save if you start making your own homemade laundry detergent.

This book will be your guide in understanding the difference between your commercially bought detergents and the homemade detergents. Here, you will also learn the different processes on how to make them, the fun and easy way so you can do this with your family in the comforts of your own home. We have also included some tips on how to make it even more personalized for you by letting you choose the scent that matches your preference and still get the same ability in removing stains and keeping your clothes soft.