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Are you tired of buying expensive dog food that doesn't even come close to being healthy? Do you want to make sure your dog is getting all important nutrients without spending too much time in your kitchen?

Homemade Healthy Dog Food is the most comprehensive cookbook

for nutritious meals and treats. You will be able to serve your dog the

healthy food

he or she needs

without all the hassle

. It’s packed with 144 easy-to-follow recipes, so it’s

perfect for any skill level

. With these recipes you'll be able to cook for your dog like a pro in no time.Each recipe is made with simple, wholesome

ingredients that you can trust

. You'll never have to worry about what's in your dog's food again.

Your dogs will love the variety of flavors and textures

, and you’ll feel great knowing they are eating fresh, wholesome food made from handpicked ingredients.In case your dog has a special condition, you will receive tips on how you can create

balanced diets

for dogs with

individual dietary needs

such as allergies or sensitivities. On top you will receive extensive information about

keeping a dogs’ health

, feeding, daily life and more.

Emma Rover will reveal her best tips to prepare healthy and delicious dog food:

144 QUICK AND EASY RECIPES – This cookbook contains recipes for almost any occasion. These will allow you to create varied and healthy homemade food for your best friend in almost no time.CHOOSE THE PROPER INGREDIENTS – Are you concerned about making the right decisions? You will learn what ingredients are healthy and which ones can be harmful so that you can make informed choices and your furry friend is safe.SAVE MONEY – Store bought dog food is not only full of preservatives but also expensive. Learn how to make healthy dog food so you will not need to buy unneeded supplements or pay your veterinarian to cure your dog’s symptoms caused by processed foods.PRESERVE AND STORE – Learn how you can preserve food without using preservatives and other unhealthy methods. Discover simple methods to store your homemade food so it stays fresh, delicious and ready on demand.BALANCED DIET FOR DOGS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS – Use this guide to create a balanced diets for dogs with special dietary needs. You will be able to make sure they get all the nutrients they need without making things complicated.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll up, click “ADD TO CART”, and grab a copy of this awesome cookbook RIGHT NOW! Your dog will thank you for it.