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Your Guide To Preparing Health Dog Food RecipesYour dog’s health relies so much on the kind of food that you feed him or her. This is the reason why giving your dog commercially available dog foods is not a good thing. One of the reasons why commercial dog foods are not good for your canine friends is that they contain a lot of preservatives and other ingredients that are unhealthy for dogs. Recently, there are many dog owners who take it as their responsibility to prepare food for their own dogs and if you are one of these many responsible dog owners, then this book is for you.With this book, you will be able to learn about the following:Understand the dos and don’ts when it comes to preparing your own homemade dog recipes. Chapter 1 will discuss about the types of foods that you should and shouldn’t give to your dog. This chapter serves as your preview on the different ingredients that you can use to make organic and natural dog food.Learn about the different types of recipes that you can try to feed your dog. The recipes include cooked, raw and snacks for your dogs that are guaranteed healthy and safe for whatever dog breed that you own. The recipes included in Chapter 2 are easy to make so you can prepare your dog’s food ahead of time.Chapter 3 discusses about the different tips that will help you prepare nutritious dog food. This is to ensure that the types of food that you provide your dog is safe and has high nutritional value.The kinds of food that you feed your dog can greatly affect your dog’s temperament and health.So if you are planning to make homemade food dog recipes, then let this book serve as your guide.