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Are you willing to learn how to preserve your favourite seasonal fruits and veggies to enjoy them later? Do you want to become an expert in-home canning foods?If your answer is ‘Yes’, then you have come to the right place! In this canning cookbook, you will find an amazing variety of canning and preserving recipes, from jams recipes to pickles and meat preserves and vegetables canning ideas.Quality and healthiness of foods have never been as important as nowadays when people have finally realized that proper nutrition is the key to healthy disease-free life. And canning and preserving at home are gaining popularity for the terrific health benefits they offer, as with your favourite homemade preserves you can:· Enjoy organic fruits and vegetables all year long· Control amounts of sugar and salt in your jams and marmalades recipes· Treat your family with additive-free meat preserves and use them as part of your main meals (in pasta, chutney recipes and stews)· Use your homemade jam as a wonderful gift for any holiday!The Homemade canning cookbook. Best preserving recipes: pickles vegetables, meat preserves, tasty chutneys, and mesmerizing marmalades and jams includes detailed directions on the traditional preserving and canning methods, as well as the equipment you will need to start canning at home. Moreover, this preserving cookbook features comprehensive instructions to make the entire process seamless and the results more than delicious!With 50 superb canning recipes, you will learn how to make mouthwatering meat preserved, vegetable pickles, tasty chutneys and mesmerizing marmalades and jams!Treat your loved ones with homemade strawberry jam and other relishes with this tremendous cookbook!