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Are you tired of living in a cluttered and chaotic home but don’t know how to make the best changes?Whether you want to (1) maintain a tidy home with minimal effort, (2) find practical ways to manage your household more economically, or (3) turn your home into a refreshing haven for yourself, your family, and your friends, then this book is what you’re looking for.Tame the mess and relax in comfort.It’s not that difficult to organize your home so that it’s beautiful and yet comfortable. Discover practical suggestions for stashing things where you can easily find them. Learn tricks to keep track of everything, from your DVD collection to your food stores. Since a clean home makes for a happy home, I’ve included some practical and effective methods for sustaining a pristine environment while still having a life. You will encounter so many interesting and useful ways to make your home a sanctuary that you’ll never go back to chaos and clutter again.Learn how to create powerful non-toxic cleaning solutions out of everyday ingredients.Have you ever looked at the ingredient lists for your favorite cleaning products? If you look carefully, you’ll be amazed. Most commercial cleaners contain so many dangerous chemicals it’s no surprise our bodies revolt with allergies, asthma and other side effects!In stark contrast, the recipes and strategies in this book are very safe to use. They include ingredients like lemon juice, salt, mayonnaise, and vinegar, familiar items you probably already stock in your kitchen. The only caustic solutions in this book are a few powerful grease-fighters that call for ammonia. The rest are safe for the most sensitive respiratory systems. They cost little to make and are every bit as effective as their commercial counterparts.An organized home makes for an organized life.It doesn’t matter whether you are a stay-at-home-mom, a busy executive, a retiree, or a student. Your home can be effectively organized and yet remain comfortable and refreshing. In this book, you will encounter over 200 suggestions to help you shape a prosperous everyday life without stressing yourself out. Do you want a home that is clean and comfortable, rooms that bear a come-hither fragrance, a house where there is a place for everything and everything is in its place, and a home where you don’t hesitate to invite anyone in at any time? This book will help you transform your environment into a smooth-running home that uplifts and reinvigorates all who cross the threshold.What Will You Discover About Home Organization?How to make a variety of cleaning solutions that can purify anything in your home.How to create fragrances that infuse your rooms with delightful ambiance.How to have a pristine, mold-free bathroom that even the most discriminating guest will appreciate.How to extend the life of your clothes and successfully deal with all kinds of stains.How to make your home inviting so that you, your family, and your friends feel welcome and loved.You Will Also Learn:How to organize your pantry so that you know exactly what you have on hand and what you need to restock.How to manage your kitchen to prevent food-borne illnesses while fixing common mistakes in cooking and cleaning.Ways to organize your closet, shoes, jewelry, and other bedroom items to make your room a comfortable haven for rest and refreshment.How to set up and maintain a living area that is tidy but functional for everyone.Great strategies to save money, manage your finances, and keep your home life optimized.See how incredible you can make your home: Get this book now!