Author: Anna Elliott and Charles Veley

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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A glamorous royal event. A shockingly sinister plot. And a breathless race to take down an evil enemy once and for all . . .

London, 1900—Sherlock, Lucy, and the rest of the Baker Street team have been working tirelessly to track down their abducted associate, Amy Thiel, and free her from the clutches of the Syndicate. That evil organization is bent on creating destruction and despair, and they plan to exploit Amy, along with her sweetheart, Inspector Gregson, in their most daring and diabolical plan ever.

A long trail of clues has led the team to the Royal Ascot Racetrack, the most prestigious and historic sporting event in all of England—if not the world. In the face of war, the event has taken on a more somber tone than in years past. Still, hundreds of the who’s-who have come out in high fashion to mingle with thousands of fans, hoping to watch the spectacle and hobnob with royalty.

Little do they know that amidst all the glamour, pomp, and circumstance, dangerous men are carrying out a plot so explosive it will shock the world and throw England into chaos.

As the Prince of Wales prepares to officiate the opening ceremony, the Baker Street team races to find Amy and thwart the Syndicate’s sinister plans. Soon enough, the case’s twists and turns put them in a dead heat with mortal danger.

Can they take down the Syndicate for good and save Amy—and the Crown—from certain doom? Or will they be left in the dust of destruction and mayhem?

A fast-paced take on a classic Sherlock who-done-it, Holmes Picks a Winner is the thrilling conclusion to a three-part story, with unexpected twists and turns, real-life historical events, and an explosive, edge-of-your-seat climax. The book stays faithful to the spirit of the beloved original series, while introducing compelling new characters and an intriguing team dynamic. Preorder now for eBook delivery December 24!