Holmes Crossing Series by Carolyne Aarsen

Author: Carolyne Aarsen

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Her broken childhood makes Leslie desperate to properly balance her love for her family with her love for her ER nursing job.
When the loss of her husband’s business forces them to move temporarily back to his family’s farm, Leslie is terrified that once Dan is back in the fold of family and the community of Holmes Crossing, her needs will be smothered.
Then a near tragedy tests everything they both hold dear.Start your journey to Holmes Crossing with Dan and Leslie’s story and get pulled into Terra’s, a girl with sass, spunk and a haunting secret.
Terra has spent the last few years outrunning the darkness of her past. But when she is forced to stay in Holmes Crossing past and present clash in a way that has chilling repercussions for any future she hopes to create.After that you’ll meet Miriam who has a second chance at motherhood when she unexpectedly becomes a joint guardian of the baby she gave up. But can her rekindled relationship with Duncan, co-guardian of her daughter, withstand the accusing secrets of her past?What readers have to say:The Only Best Place“If you cry easily, you may want tissues nearby."“ Keep reading the book. It has an ending we could all live with.”All In One Place“This book, while difficult in subject, has great hope and promise for its subjects as well as it’s readers. Holmes Crossing is a place to get comfy for awhile.”“Thank you, Carolyne, for writing a tough and yet beautiful story of healing and redemption!”This Place“I fell in love with this series and the people are so down to earth!“You really must give this book your attention because it is great!"“The healing and forgiveness and hope were like a warm blanket on a cool night.”Read the rest of the series as well:
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