Holmes Crossing Series by Carolyne Aarsen

Author: Carolyne Aarsen

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Holmes Crossing is a place you’ll want to hunker down and lose yourself in. These six sweet romance novels will make you yearn for each characters’ happy ending as they deal with loss, family and especially, romance.
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What readers have to say:
The Only Best Place
“ Keep reading the book. It has an ending we could all live with.”
All In One Place
“This book, while difficult in subject, has great hope and promise for its subjects as well as it’s readers. Holmes Crossing is a place to get comfy for awhile.”
This Place
“The healing and forgiveness and hope were like a warm blanket on a cool night.”
A Silence in the Heart -
"Carolyne has another winner with this book. A marvelous story about forgiveness and acceptance."
Any Man of Mine
"Any Man of Mine might be my favorite of the series. I laughed out loud in many of the passages and grew to love the characters--flaws and all."
A Place in Her Heart
"Carolyne Aarsen is one of my "go-to" authors. I know I will enjoy it if she wrote it. I was so happy to have another book to add to the Holmes Crossing series. Each of the books in the series feature complex characters whose journeys toward love take some twists and turns and it is those complications that make the story so good! "
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