Highly Humorous Leadership by David M. Jacobson

Author: David M. Jacobson

Category: Business, Money and Jobs

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Humor has been related to a number of positive effects when used by leaders: 
* an increased ability to cope with work stressors
* better work relationships
* a happier, more connected, supportive, and productive workforce
* an increased sense of belonging, which improves morale and enhances group cohesiveness, 
* and even a positive impact on larger organizational outcomes
Some leaders who enhanced their leadership style with humor have even won cars and other valuable prizes, but this is not the norm.
This book addresses how humor can be used to enhance leadership effectiveness with an emphasis on improved communication and team building.
Guidelines for the use of humor are discussed, emphasizing the importance of appropriate humor and educating staff on the dangers of using inappropriate humor. The role of humor in empowerment is discussed as are humor strategies and habits leaders can utilize in the workplace.
My (that is me, the author) leadership effectiveness rating by anonymous survey was 99% and my employee engagement rating was 91%, while working as a hospital director.
These ratings are backed up by actual documentation in the book, not just an author telling you what he's done without valid or reliable proof.
Staff rhymes with laugh, so if you laugh with your staff, you'll cut your employee dissatisfaction in half!