Author: Stephanie Hale

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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HIGH SCHOOL HANGOVER-a hilarious Young Adult romance from Stephanie Hale-author of REVENGE OF THE HOMECOMING QUEEN.Laney Wentworth survived four years of high school unscathed. How hard can one party be? Laney Wentworth’s graduation should be the best day of her life, but between a classmate mooning the crowd during her valedictorian speech, and her mother forcing her to attend the craziest graduation party ever, it’s a disaster. To hide her awkwardness at the party, Laney drowns herself in punch. The punch makes her brave and she starts having fun. The guy she’s been crushing on for two years wants her by his side the whole night. Everything seems great until she realizes that the punch she’s been gulping all night is really an energy drink and it starts making her feel weird.She wakes up twelve hours later dressed in strange clothes, two states away from home, with the boy responsible for the only B of her high school career, and absolutely no memory of how she got there. With no money, the only way back home is to hitch a ride with a busload of rowdy senior citizens. On the crazy ride home, Laney learns that sometimes the most important things in life can’t be learned from a book.