Author: Esther Cordova

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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Hungry Henry knows all about big feelings - he gets angry a lot. And he needs YOUR child’s help to calm down!This book is a good starting point to teach about emotions. Together with Hungry Henry, kids will discover a set of tools that will help them cope when they’re feeling overwhelmed. Tools such as:Recognizing when they are feeling angryUsing conscious breathing techniques (Rocket Breathing)Counting to calm downUsing  positive growth mindset mantrasAnd much more! Join the little dinosaur as he builds an amazing rocket… that isn’t going quite as planned. Through interactive elements, kids get a chance to help Hungry Henry not only to build his awesome rocket, but also to help him calm down. Some pages instruct the reader to swipe a telescope to discover the reason for the journey into the universe, find hidden picture snacks for Hungry Henry, and finally… BLAST OFF by pressing the final button to launch the rocket into the sky!An excellent resource for counselors, parents, and teachers alike. Perfect for children ages: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.Get it NOW and help your kids learn the tools to deal with anger.