Author: A.J. Newman

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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Over 16 major US and many foreign cities have been nuked. The US president has conspired with radical Muslim Iran to reshape the world. The USA has lost all electronics due to several EMP blasts. The USA has reverted to lawless gangs and thugs taking over cities. The US Government is forcing most citizens into work camps for their protection.

This is a post-apocalyptic story about how a hero, John Harris, leads a group of people in rebuilding the country after a coalition of Islamic Terrorists, Drug Cartels and rogue US Government thugs kill over 200 million people in the USA and Western Europe. Imagine the USA having 16 major cities nuked, several EMPs have shut down the power grid and manufacturing and food distribution cease to exist. In this second book in the series, John and his team continues the fight for survival, searching for water, food and weapons while fighting to overcome the rogue government, that has imprisoned many Americans. Corrupt politicians, biker gangs and thugs band together to gain control of what's left of the country. John leads a group of survivors that decide to start their own country, The Independent States of America and become large enough to be a threat to the old USA. The corrupt old USA begins to launch attacks on John's group and nearly wipes them out. John’s team fights for survival against very long odds, but John is a hard man for hard times.