Heart of Stone by Rebecca Ruger

Author: Rebecca Ruger

Category: Romance Books

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Julianna Elliot derives no pleasure in wedding a man she’s never set eyes upon—save that it will take her away from her heartless stepfather. But then the plans for a wedding are naught but a ruse, as something far more sinister is intended, and Julianna knows she must do whatever she can to save the MacKinnons.Not all of Calum’s men escape his would-be bride’s home with their lives. His rage is tremendous, and he holds Julianna responsible—and as his hostage. It’s not long before Calum begins to understand that Julianna couldn’t possibly have plotted the murder of him and his men with her stepfather. Still, someone must pay for the attack, and he’s intent on bringing her home to Caerhayes to face whatever Highland justice his uncle decides upon for the brave beauty.Julianna is terrified of the man that would have been her husband and now only wants her dead. And Calum resists mightily the desire to take her in his arms and promise no harm will ever come to her. But then a funny thing happened on the way to Caerhayes…and the once-promised pair realize that there is something greater than vengeance and fear and deadly games, something worth fighting for.Heart of Stone is part of the HEART OF A HIGHLANDER series. Each book is a stand-alone tale; the books can be read in any order.

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