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The Generations Old Healthcare System Widely Practiced Today…

Despite the marvel of modern medicine, Curanderismo remains as relevant to modern medicine as it has done for timeless generations.

Originating from Mexican American traditions, this healing art is still widely practiced throughout communities focusing on physical healing as well as spiritual healing through rituals, practices and mores.

If you are:

Wanting to connect more with Mexican cultureLooking to deepen your understanding of natural healingSeeking to further your knowledge to better yourself and other professionallyOr wish to develop personal practices for your own benefit

Serving as an indispensable guide to health professionals, students of Mexican American culture and to urban ethnologists and medical anthropologists. This book will take a deep dive into Curanderismo, and its vital importance to modern medicine with comprehensive and practical info.

The Practice Of Curanderismo

Curanderismo is the practice of a Mexican American folk medicine with significant historical importance and utilises healing techniques that are deeply rooted in native Mexican culture.

This guide will walk you through how Curanderismo is practiced and how it is taught and passed on as a healing tradition. We will answer questions and reveal why Curanderos stay in high demand alongside the revolutionary and life saving technologies of modern medicine.

Included In This Comprehensive Guide To Curanderismo:

Step-by-step instructions for the practice of Limpias, shamanic cleansing rituals to heal, purify, and revitalize people as well as physical spacesA history on Curanderismo, its relevance, importance and moreExaminations of the multiple types of Limpia ceremonies including fire rites for transformations, water rites for cleansing and influencing, and sweeping rites for divinationExploring the sacred stories behind Limpia rituals and traces these Curanderismo practices to their indigenous rootsApplications for curanderismo, where these practices are commonly used for healing, their effects and treatmentsThe unique philosophies that construct Curandisimo, the soul's involvement, strength of one's family, and the deep social connections involved with the tradition.


You will discover and learn about the tools and practices of these shamans so you can conduct the most common practice within Curanderismo: Limpias.

With practical and effective applications you’ll be able to cleanse, heal, purify and revitalise people and spaces with herbs, flowers, eggs, feathers, fire, and water.

But not only will you be able to help those around you but empower yourself, as Limpias are an incredibly powerful tool for spiritual growth, soul retrieval, rebirth, and gracefully opening up pathways for new beginnings.

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