Author: Ethan Westfield

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Although Adam Meade never seeked trouble, trouble found him. When he was just a 10-year-old boy, he participated in a cruel crime he never intended to commit, in order to save his mother; the shooting of a man. Little did he know that the curse of the past would still haunt him many years later, isolating him from everyone else in Bannack, his hometown. The world writes him off, but Adam grows into a lionhearted man, with a hidden bold side that very few know. Working hard day and night as a miner to make a living, he can't stop dreaming of a life full of adrenaline. With a past as burdened as his, will he ever manage to take life into his own hands and prove his worth to everyone in the small town?

When a group of strangers ride into town before the early winter snows block the Montana Trail, Adam suspects they have other plans in mind besides wintering over. Their arrival will soon spread chaos in the peaceful town, as it will be revealed that they are on a dangerous mission. One fateful day, a prospector is found mysteriously murdered and Adam can't help but wonder whether the evil strangers are behind the atrocious crime. However, due to his bad reputation, the sheriff won't believe a word he's saying. Luckily, he crosses paths with a brilliant young woman, Jessie, and together they will go on an endless journey of hide and seek. But the hardships they encounter on this pursuit are nothing like they expected... What are Adam and Jessi willing to risk in order to carry out such a perilous undertaking?

While Adam and Jessi are struggling to survive through this hazardous adventure, they will realize that the attraction between them is impossible to deny. But as long as danger is closing in, love is not in the cards for them. Will their love have the chance to flourish on the trail of criminals who spread death on their way? Or will they be forced to abandon all hope for a new life once and for all?