Author: Joanna Campbell Slan

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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WHO PUT THE HOMICIDE IN THE HOLIDAYS? NOT KIKI...BUT SHE BETTER TRACK DOWN THE PERSON WHO KILLED ONE OF HER CUSTOMERS OR SHE'LL BE HANGING STOCKINGS BY HERSELF AT THE STORE!Kiki is eight months pregnant and trying to cram as much ho-ho-ho into the holidays as possible. When a customer drops dead during an offsite event, this intrepid scrapbooking sleuth is left holding the bag. After her name is cleared, Kiki isn't one to sit around while her friends are threatened with false imprisonment.>>>Instead, she vows to wrap up this case and tie it with a bow. Leave it to Kiki to determine who was nice, and who was very, very naughty, indeed. A nasty Christmas Grinch is targeting one of Kiki's friends--and that's just not kosher. No way is Kiki going to take a back seat in Santa's sled while one of her pals is thrown under the bus. Besides, the murder weapon itself just plain "bugs" her.>>>Kiki might not qualify as Santa's Helper, but she's definitely on the “good girl” list. She plans to make these murder charges stick like a fresh roll of Scotch tape as she pins down her suspect. Meanwhile, the entire crew at her store is working hard to carry out her Twelve Days of Christmas crafting extravaganza! That's one busy Santa's workshop. This series is a sure thing for fans of Clare O'Donohue, Elaine Viets, Alexander McCall Smith, Diane Mott Davidson, Brianna Bates, Ellery Adams, Laura Childs, Lois Winston, and Mollie Cox Bryan. If you like to be entertained, inspired, and educated, Joanna Campbell Slan writes the sort of books you'll love! See why readers call Kiki their "new best friend." Grab your copy today!Go here FREE GIFT—Download your copy of Bad, Memory, Album, a full-length Kiki Lowenstein book. Go here