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Handcrafting Artisan Salves & Lip Balms From Your Kitchen Imagine having a simple formula that you could use to make your own beauty products for a fraction of the cost of the famous brand name ones.Wouldn't you save a lot of money? Wouldn't that be fun...If you are tired of buying expensive beauty products without really knowing what you are getting, it may be time for a change.Alan Bullington provides you with the simple plan for saving money on skin-careproducts. Crafting fantastic salves and balms is extremely simple when you follow Bullington's step-by-step formulas and proven techniques. Now luxury products can be yours for little money and little effort. Make your skin look and feel beautiful with products you can easily put together.Did you know that the big companies make beauty products that use the exact same principles as explained in this book? Rather than paying big money, learn how to assemble your own products.Bullington has sold thousands of salve items, and has perfected his techniques and formulas.Make luxury skin care products for your own use, for gifts, or for marketable products by following the detailed recipes and instructions in this book. Learn how to make:lip balms,body butter,glosses,glaze,healing salves,drawing salves,deodorant bars,and many other items you would not be able to buy.And as a bonus, also learn how to develop your own exclusive product line that you can sell! Start your own home based business selling your skin-care products..