Guaranteed Justice by M.A. Comley

Author: M.A. Comley

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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Some crimes are deemed far worse than others…
And some criminals believe they are above the law!
Recently Lorne Simpkins’s life has changed dramatically after she turned her back on her career… but when a group of women desperate for assistance walk into her life she can’t help but get involved.
One of the women was left for dead… the culprit – someone capable of talking himself out of trouble.
That is until Lorne gets involved.
Nobody riles her up more than a criminal with a silver tongue and deep pockets. He’s laughing at the police and secretly issuing warning threats to the women seeking Lorne’s help.
Can Lorne dig deep to wipe the smile off the arrogant criminal’s face and put him behind bars where he belongs?
Grab your copy today if you enjoy your thrillers with plenty of twists and turns.
Ideal for fans of Joy Ellis, Rachel Abbott and Louise Ross.
From NY Times bestselling author M A Comley with over two million copies sold to date.
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