Grudge Puck by June Winters

Author: June Winters

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A pest from the past ...
Camille Kennedy can't believe who just walked into her tiny bakery. That tall, muscular stud? He's Beau Bradford, famous hockey hunk.

But this isn't a happy high school reunion -- the arrogant athlete was a thorn in Camille's side and had a serious knack for bringing out her worst. And now that he's a star in the pros, he's even more chiseled and cocky.

So when Beau locks his eyes on her, Camille knows exactly what's running through his jock brain.

Game on.

But Camille's too busy for games. And she knows where Beau's flirting leads. Like, a sinfully hot kiss in the back of a cab, for example. Or his giant hand, sliding under her dress and inching up her thighs ...

You know what he's after. Don't fall for it!

A hard-hitting, heart-breaking badboy ...
Beau Bradford wears his reputation as the dirtiest player in the NHL like a badge of pride. He's no saint off the ice, either.

When the team rolls into NYC for a road trip, Beau drops in on an old rival: class valedictorian, Camille. Voted most likely to succeed. So why is the prissy bookworm slinging cupcakes, while he makes millions cracking skulls?

Ha ... who cares.

She can deny it all she wants, but Beau knows better than anyone else that Little Miss Perfect has a dark side -- one that's begging and screaming to be let loose.

Beau's goal? To even the score. Because nothing's hotter than a hate-fueled grudge f***.
Grudge Puck is a 50,000 word hockey romance! This stand-alone novel is the second entry in the Colorado Blizzard series. Narrated in alternating first person. No cheating, no cliffhanger, HEA guaranteed.