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<<< HOW TO GROW FRUIT BERRIES >>>Introduction To Growing BerriesGrowing delicious Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and a selection of currant bushes including blackcurrants, white currants andredcurrants, to add life a flavour to your garden and food larder iswhat this introduction to berry growing is all about.By usingfully organic methods that do not involve the use of chemicals orpesticides, you can easily grow your own fruit berries as a valuableaddition to your vegetable patch or raised bed garden.No longer will you have to subject yourself or your family, to thedubious provenance of berries bought from large impersonal food halls;instead you can serve up your own fresh-grown fruit in the formof delicious jams, chutneys, pies or smoothies and much more - knowinghow they were made and the ingredients included.What You Will Discover In This Book:1. How to grow your own Berry bushes, including which varieties to choose from. 2. How to care for your plants in order to get the best results, including pruning and feeding.3. Making a good organic compost that will assure you of the best crop of Berries possible.4. How to control insect and disease using organic insecticides and Companion Planting methods.5. Simple steps to protect your Berries from birds and flying insects.6. Harvesting and preserving your fruits for later consumption.7. Some tasty recipes for Jams, Jellies and ChutneysGrowing your own fruit and vegetables is no longer the sole domain of the'Green Fingered!' With the help of this book you can easily begin tomaster one of the fundamentals of self-sufficiency - growing your ownfood.Click on the Amazon 'Look Inside' for more FREE info on this bookscontents.