Author: Christopher Knox

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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Is there anything more powerful than standing up against overwhelming odds for yourself and others?  Sometimes you may find strength in numbers with friends and family.  Other times you might find yourself alone and must dig deep from within your heart and mind.  You do it because you must, and you do it to survive.
This mind-blowing story will leave you astonished as it takes you on a breathtaking journey full of intrigue and overwhelming action.  Put on your seatbelt, because this sensational tale will not allow you to rest, while you find yourself on this rip-roaring odyssey from beginning to end.  Currently Nominated for 7 awards:
IPPY Book Awards 2021:     ?Best Fantasy     ?Best Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Ebook
Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards 2021:     ?Best Fantasy     ?Best Children’s Fantasy     ?Best Children’s Adventure
US Selfie Book Awards 2021:?Best Young Adult Fiction
Readers’ Favorite Book Awards 2021:     ?Young Adult Horror
13-year old Clarence Griffin was on a weekend camping trip with his family and friends.  His excursion turned out to be more than he bargained for when he was plunged into a world of deep peril filled with unworldly predators and dangers unseen within the darkest depths.  Armed with only his slingshot and the equipment on his back, he must rely on his own survival skills and the talents of his three best friends and his little sister.  Can he continue to defy inevitable demise and use his leadership to save himself and his companions in an unfamiliar realm? 
Join Clarence and his companions as they journey through an underground world full of danger at every twist and turn.  There is no safe place and no time to rest.  Vicious creatures that they thought never existed are constantly hunting them as they attempt to do the impossible and find a way to escape their nightmarish underworld.