Author: Ross Sidor

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Former Airborne Ranger turned freelance operator Avery is embedded with a Kurdish special ops unit in northern Syria when a raid on a CIA facility leaves a dozen Americans dead and devastates US intelligence capabilities in the country.Facing mounting political pressure from the White House, the CIA has no recourse but to set Avery on the trail of the elusive master terrorist known only as "Khaled."As Avery confronts underground terrorist cells, foreign paramilitary forces lurking in the shadows, and a duplicitous web of shifting alliances, a larger geopolitical conspiracy emerges, orchestrated by a cabal of gray zone actors preparing to launch a scorched earth attack that will rewrite transnational borders and subvert Western power and influence.Loaded with international intrigue, explosive action, and spycraft, GRAY ZONE is the perfect thriller for fans of Vince Flynn and Chris Ryan.