Author: Benjamin Wallace

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“Get on Twitter,” they said.
“You’ll sell lots of books,” they said.
“They can suck it,” you said.
You got on Twitter and tried to sell your books, but nothing happened.
You searched for readers, but just kept attracting spam.

So, what’s the point?

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool for the indie author. Within its ranks are millions of readers looking for new authors and new books. But, simply broadcasting your link isn’t going to get you the attention you need.

This concise guide doesn’t focus on the nuts and bolts of Twitter. It will not tell you how to gain a kabillion followers. It will tell you what “they” don’t – what to tweet to build your brand as an author.

This guide is about how to sell yourself as a person and a brand, one tweet at a time, to an engaged group of followers.

So, why is the guide so short? Because, just like on Twitter, it doesn’t take a lot of words to communicate a powerful message.