Author: Stuart White

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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“A thrilling, edge-of-the-seat ride for all space loving adventurers!” Vashti Hardy, Author of Brightstorm“I loved this book – not only as a type 1 diabetic – but as a fan of brilliant middle-grade stories. Perfectly paced, hugely imaginative and wildly exciting, I predict readers will adore Eva and this stunning space adventure.” AF Steadman, Author of Skandar and the Unicorn Thief

How would you feel if you were born on Mars, were the most famous person in the Solar System, but could never leave the Red Planet?

Mars. 2045.

My name's Eva, and I’m a Martian.

Well, technically the first Martianborn human - I’m not, like, green or anything.

So listen, we’re in trouble here; I need to steal a rover to rescue Dad, who’s stuck in a mining vent, in a planet-wide dust-storm, far from our base, or he'll die. He may even be already dead.

Oh, and I’m Type 1 Diabetic with no insulin. Wish me luck.

With a Type 1 Diabetic main character, Ghosts of Mars explores how life beyond Earth, and the fame and scrutiny that come with it, affects the young people involved, who didn't sign up for life on Mars. Ten percent of author profits go to Diabetes UK.