Author: Scott Nicholson and J.R. Rain

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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HE'S A PRIVATE EYE...SHE'S A PSYCHIC MEDIUMFirst in a new series featuring husband and wife paranormal investigators, Ellen and Monty Drew, by #1 bestselling Kindle authors Scott Nicholson and J.R. Rain!In Ghost College, the Drews are summoned to a Southern California bible college after workers report hearing mysterious voices at night. When they encounter the unhappy ghost of a young girl, Monty's skepticism is shaken, but he resolves to help his wife free the trapped spirit. Their search uncovers the Latin phrase "Non omnis moriar"—not all of me shall die—and they learn more about the site’s history as a Catholic school destroyed by an earthquake. But a mysterious presence has plans of its own for the young ghost, and Monty and Ellen must go head to head with a Dark Master that’s had more than a century of practice in demonic deeds.Now Monty must leave his body to do battle with the Dark Master, and he’s not sure Ellen will be able to bring him back in one piece. He’s not even sure what's happening is real. All he knows is that all hell is breaking loose and he's taking a crash course where an "F" means eternal damnation.For fans of Amanda M. Lee, Jana DeLeon, and Charlaine Harris! Ghost College is the first in a multi-author series of ghost hunting books, all starring Ellen and Monty Drew! Over 100 5-star reviews in this #1 bestselling paranormal mystery series!????? "Monty and Ellen are a delightfully married couple who work together on paranormal investigations. Ellen has "The Gift" and Monty... well, Monty is not quite the believer. This book is so well written with humor, a true love story. The chemistry written between Ellen and Monty makes you want to be part of their team!" ?Amazon reviewer????? "Ghost College is the first in what I hope is a long series! I enjoyed this lighthearted read tremendously and recommend it it to anyone searching for a quick paranormal fix." ?Amazon reviewer????? "I loved the story line. I didn't want the book to end. I'll for sure be watching out for the rest of the series!!!" ?Amazon reviewer????? "I love these 'Ghost Files.' I've read three of them and look forward to reading more!" ?Amazon reviewer????? "The start of a great series, and really enjoy the relationship between husband Monty and his wife Ellen Drew and their ghost hunting partnership/business. There were a lot of laughs (love Monty's quick wit) and this was a great story. Can't wait to read more in this series!" ?Amazon reviewer