Ghost at Dusk by Kevan Dale

Author: Kevan Dale

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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He’s been trapped in his home since he died. If he can’t outwit the demon holding him captive, he’ll never be free.Tim Lane is running out of time. Since dying on Halloween 1981, he’s tried everything to hold back the hellish force that killed him. But with the demon clawing his way into his elderly father’s mind, the desperate teenage ghost finally takes the gloves off. As Tim races to save his father, he pieces together the truth about what really happened the night he died. But when a sixteen-year-old girl moves into the neighborhood and grows obsessed with his tragedy, she unlocks the secret that changes everything: he’s not the demon’s only prisoner.Can Tim save them all in the face of a demon willing to go to any length to stop him?Ghost at Dusk is a chilling tale of modern horror. If you like heroes who never quit, high-stakes twists and turns, and epic showdowns, then you’ll love Kevan Dale’s nail-biting ghost story.Buy Ghost at Dusk to dive into the pandemonium today! Read more