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Dive into the amazing world of gemstone collecting with this fun & fully-illustrated guide!

Whether you’re brand-new to the fascinating world of gemstones, an amateur hobbyist or collector, or if you simply love the beauty and elegance of the world’s most precious stones, this handy illustrated guide showcases the most popular gemstones and precious crystals, providing readers of all backgrounds with a comprehensive introduction to the wonders of gemstones.

Specially written with simple advice and insights for the novice gemstone collector, inside you’ll be taken on a dazzling tour of the world’s most sought-after crystals.You’ll discover how to easily identify and differentiate crystals, the best strategies for finding valuable stones, and a full list of two dozen gorgeous gems and marvellous minerals to buy, collect, and sell.

As a perfect handbook for anybody curious about getting into the rewarding and lucrative gemstone trade, Gemstones, Crystals, and Minerals For Beginners 2022 offers an accessible and straightforward introduction to collecting and value estimating a wide variety of beautiful gems.From emerald to opals, moonstones to tourmaline, and even lesser-known crystals like zircon and grandidierite, you’ll find everything you need to begin a successful gem-collecting hobby.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

The Gemstone Hunter’s Guide To Identifying Crystals – How To Identify These Precious StonesWhy Gemstones Have Been Prized For Thousands of Years Across Every CultureHow To Differentiate Popular Crystals, Start Building Your Collection, and Estimate Their ValueA Full List Containing Two Dozen of The World’s Most Sought-After Gemstones and CrystalsDetailed Illustrations To Help You Easily Identify Every StoneAnd Much More...

As a colorful and easy-to-use reference guide that will inspire you to pick up a fascinating new hobby, Gemstones, Crystals, and Minerals For Beginners 2022 will expand your interest in gemstones and provide you with an easy path to identifying, value estimating, collecting, and selling precious stones.

Are you ready to start building your gemstone collection? Then scroll up and grab your copy today!