Author: Lana Williams

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From a USA Today Bestselling Author ~ A charming Victorian Romance filled with mystery and adventure!

A gamble like no other...

Amelia Tippin might be only a maid at the prestigious Beasley Governess Academy, but she knows she’s capable of more. When her Aunt Beasley dies before allowing her to attend classes, a desperate Amelia takes a gamble and applies for a governess position despite her lack of formal training.

Christopher Easton, Viscount Beaumont, has but one mission—discover what or who caused the carriage accident that took both his sister and brother-in-law’s lives. Hiring a suitable governess for his niece and nephew who will also tolerate his eccentric—if brilliant—father will allow him to venture to the dark side of London to find the cause.

With love as the prize.

Christopher is more than intrigued by the new governess who has a way with the children as well as with his impossible father. He can’t resist her charms and sharing kisses has never been so delightful, but wariness lingers in her eyes, making him wonder at the cause.

Amelia soon realizes that revealing the secret she holds places both her position and the connection quickly building between her and the handsome viscount in danger. Yet how can she hope for anything more with her deceit standing between them?

When Christopher finds the man who stole the lives of his family, he must decide how much of a gamble he’s willing to take to win the governess's heart.