Author: C. L. Cannon, J.C. Brown, Margo Bond Collins, L. B. Carter, LeAnn Mason LeAnn Mason

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Tales of the sea, hidden cities, fierce pirates, and magical creatures...Join the authors of From The Deep as they plunge into the mysterious below to explore the wonders, horrors, and curiosities of the sea. Mermaids, ancient underwater cities, sea gods, creatures of legend, pirates, and more await you inside this multi-author collection!With stories written by C.L. Cannon, Margo Bond Collins, LeAnn Mason, L.B. Carter, Kat Parrish, Rosa Marchisella, Anthea Sharp, K. Matt, Melissa A. Joy, Sabetha Danes, Emma Shelford, JC Brown, Lena Lane, L.J. Wynn, Lisah Jayne Walden, and James Rickett.