Author: Luke Young

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Will Jillian give in to temptation? Go Cougar in this laugh-out-loud romance.

In this excerpt Victoria tries to give Jillian guidance on how to deal with a “package” that seems to have unwrapped itself… (and it’s not even Christmas!) Find out what happens before and after in this spicy and sexy series starter that’s chock full of hilarious unresolved sexual tension - that is - until it gets resolved... :)

Victoria asked, “What do you mean out?”“I mean, it’s out,” Jillian shrugged while clutching the phone to her ear with her shoulder.“Like out, out?”“Yes, I don’t know how else to say it.”"So, you’re looking at IT right now?" Victoria asked."Yeah, but from in the house. I tried to cover it, but it didn’t work."“What does that mean?”Jillian turned away from the door. “Look, he must have fallen asleep by the pool and the sun is rising. It was starting to burn his feet so I covered them and then before I knew it HIS, you know, slipped out of his shorts and—""Are you drunk?""No, but I have to tell you that it’s completely... incredibly... super-hard.""Seriously? Have you been smoking that pot I left you?""No.""Send me a picture," Victoria demanded."I'm not taking a picture of him," Jillian said, horrified.“No, not him,” Victoria grumbled. “Just IT.”“No way.”"Why not?""That's totally creepy.""That’s creepy!” Victoria choked out a laugh. “But it's not creepy for you to be hovering over an unconscious naked guy with a boner?""I’m not hovering! But yeah, maybe this is a little creepy, but I… I just couldn't look away. It's like a big, beautiful car wreck, or something.”“Is the sun hitting IT?”Jillian turned back to the door and checked him again. “Not yet.”“Well, don’t you think you need to protect it too?”“If it comes to that, I’ll get another towel.”“I have a better idea.” Victoria said.Jillian leaned against the door frame, shaking her head. “I know I’ll regret it, but what’s that?”“Grab some sunscreen and lotion it up.”“I don’t think so.”“Believe me you don’t want to see a sunburned penis. That skin is very sensitive and damages easily.”“I take it you know this from personal experience.”“I do. Do you have sunscreen handy?”“No, I’m not doing that.” Jillian scoffed. “I’m not jerking him off with lotion under the guises of protecting him from the sun.”"Fine, if you won’t do it, I will. I'll be there in ten minutes."“Victoria, no. Please don’t… Victoria? Victoria?”

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