Friday Night Alibi by Cassie Mae

Author: Cassie Mae

Category: Romance Books

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I’m just out to make money, not fall in love.

And business is booming, if I do say so myself. I run a nice little Alibi service. These rich boys need shenanigans and their trust funds, and I have a perfect halo over my head here in Sundale. I’m a parent’s dream. Plus, it gives me all the time in the world to hole up in my room, play online video games, and pretend we had the best study session ever.

However, not everyone is on board with my very lucrative gig. Chase thinks he’s doing me a favor, but really, he’s is gonna hurt my bottom line and singe my halo with his devil horns.

But of course, I can’t seem to stay away from the guy. Not with that sweet, orange smell and cute cat of his and his wit. Sparring has never been better… or more dangerous for business.

Friday Night Alibi is part of Cassie Mae's quirky line, filled with hilarious hijinks and lots of kisses.

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