Author: Suzanne Bolden

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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Harmony’s hoarder is discovered at the bottom of his basement stairs with a key clutched in his dead hand!

Norman Schott is at risk of his home being condemned. The residents of Harmony quickly make plans to help the hoarder clean and repair his house. They hope to save Norman from being homeless. But on the first wintery morning of the cleanup, finding his body changes all that!The good-hearted townsfolk soon discover things are missing. Squares of colorful wallpaper, where framed pictures used to hang, is the first clue. Whatever that key was meant to open is missing too. Searches for family to claim the property and pay back taxes, reveal cryptic correspondence suggesting things were not as they appeared to be. A stranger arrives proclaiming herself a long-lost relative. But is she?Stories of Norman’s past begin swirling round the village and Jackie’s curiosity antenna goes on high alert. What really happened in the house on Lilac Lane that cold winter night when Norman fell down the basement stairs?Hugging the banks of the Wisconsin River and rising into the wooded hills and bluffs, the community of Harmony welcomes you! Be whisked away on a cozy mystery escape in every book in the series.