Fractured Empire by A K DuBoff

Author: A K DuBoff

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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The Taran Empire is fighting a secret interdimensional war... and they're losing.When High Dynasty heir Wil Sietinen comes face-to-face with the Bakzen, a mysterious race skilled in advanced telekinesis, he's forced to confront his destiny. A secret war is being waged within a hidden dimensional rift, and his unique gifts can help win the fight.

As the dire nature of the conflict and the truth about his own abilities unfolds, Wil realizes he's at the center of a galactic conspiracy. And enemies are not who they seem.

With the future of the entire Taran Empire hanging in the balance, Wil holds the key to victory—but saving his people may come at the ultimate price.

The Cadicle series is a sweeping epic that will grab you from the first page, offering a rich blend of adventure, intrigue, and the intersection of technology with mental powers. Join multiple generations of one noble family in their battles against unimagined foes to change the course of an empire. This series is an entry point into the award-winning Cadicle Universe."Appealing characters and detailed worldbuilding draw the reader into a tale of politics, sabotage, kidnapping, telekinesis, and clones. [...] DuBoff weaves together sympathetic characters, an intriguing plot, devious villains, exciting space adventure, and hopes pinned on a chosen savior." - Publisher's WeeklyThe Fractured Empire boxset contains the complete Cadicle series:Volume 1: Architects of DestinyVolume 2: Veil of RealityVolume 3: Bonds of ResolveVolume 4: Web of TruthVolume 5: Crossroads of FateVolume 6: Path of JusticeVolume 7: Scions of ChangeFor audiobooks, see the Cadicle series page: editions are available for the individual books: