Forsaken by Andrew Van Wey

Author: Andrew Van Wey

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Some art takes on a life of its own.
A beautiful house. A loving family. Two kids, a dog, and a tenure-track professorship teaching art at the local university. Dan Rineheart is living the dream. But all dreams must end.
When an anonymous painting arrives at the university, Dan is tasked with uncovering the artist. No title. No name. No signature or frame. It’s a disturbing work of grotesque perfection. A work of art… that changes with each viewing.
So begins the nightmare. Where painted clocks tick-tock in the dark hours before dawn. Where shadow-wrapped children stalk the halls of a once happy home. Where all paths lead to a forsaken artist and their impossible creation. This is the nightmare Dan Rineheart must enter before it shatters his sanity and devours his family.
Curl up with a novel of psychological horror that readers have called: “Intricate, disturbing, unexpected, and scary!”
????? “A freaky ride through a world that left me feeling things that only Lovecraft could achieve.”
????? “Once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down. I am a long time fan of Stephen King and so this kind of book feels like it was written just for me.”
????? “Well written, gripping, a page turner. This story will haunt me for a long time.
????? “It's hard for me to find a book that scares me but...this one did!”