Author: Robin Merrill

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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A new kindergarten teacher. The five-year-old’s single dad. All that stands between them is one heavy secret.
Shelby Beaton is brand-new to the small coastal town of Hartport. She’s not running from her pain. She’s running toward an opportunity to serve God at Freedom Academy.
When danger threatens the small school, Lincoln Kallock brings his security team to protect the students. He quickly notices his daughter’s new teacher. She’s beautiful, kind, and brave.
She wants nothing to do with him. But circumstances and a motivated matchmaker keep pushing them together, and despite Shelby's icy walls, she starts to warm up to Lincoln. Can he convince her to share her burden, so he can help her heal?
For readers who enjoy Christian romances by Becky Wade, Valerie M. Bodden, and Kimberly Rae Jordan.
Cindy's Matchmaking Missions:
Book 1: Forgive and Remember
Book 2: A Good Day to Live
Book 3: No TIme to Win
Book 4: Bridge to the Present
Book 5: A Good Man Is Hard to Lose
Book 6: Picture Imperfect