Author: John Hemmings

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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WITH OVER 2,000 5-STAR REVIEWS, THE MARK KANE MYSTERIES SERIES IS A MUST FOR READERS WHO ENJOY A GOOD WHODUNIT WITH PLENTY OF TWISTS. 'IF YOU LIKE WHODUNITS, YOU'LL LOVE THESE!'A DEVOTED HUSBAND has planted a carpet of forget-me-nots in memory of his wife who has recently died from complications following the rapid progression of Alzheimer's disease. Or has she?Greg Philips' wife, Gloria, has recently died after suffering from chronic dementia, leaving Susan, her long-lost illegitimate daughter, a large slice of her estate. But is Susan who she claims to be? And was Gloria mentally competent when she made her will or was she manipulated in some way? Boston Investigator Mark Kane is hired to discover the truth, but as the investigation proceeds he soon finds himself embroiled in a murder mystery, and as the suspects mount up he needs all his wits about him to find out the truth, and prevent Greg’s adult sons from financial ruin or worse. But this is no ordinary murder - the suspects are all close to home, and Kane finds himself battling his own conscience as he tries to separate his duty to his client from both the legal and moral issues the investigation throws up. As usual, Kane’s longtime companion Lucy is there to lend him a helping hand, but will she be able to help him solve the mystery?