Author: Suzy Turner

Category: Popular Fiction

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I'm still in love with a guy I haven't seen since I was twelve years old. I know, it's tragic (or pathetic). But he made my heart flip and my stomach go wild with butterflies. And even though we only saw each other for a few minutes, it broke my heart. All I've ever dreamed about is seeing him again and being with him for the rest of my life.KateWhen Kate Robinson was just twelve, she briefly met her soulmate while dancing in a kiddie disco during a family holiday to Skegness. I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred was blasting out of the speakers while children danced all around her. But when she saw him, they all disappeared (well, it certainly felt like they disappeared) and she melted. It was the moment that would remain in her heart forever.Shortly after her twenty-eighth birthday, she inherits an absolute fortune from an old family friend and becomes something of an overnight celebrity. All kinds of men start coming out of the woodwork, claiming to be the boy she fell in love with all those years before.Can her new-found fame lead Kate to her soulmate? Or will she finally realise there can’t possibly be a happily ever after?Forever Fredless is an endearing laugh-out-loud romantic comedy. If you like characters you’d want as friends and ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, then you’ll love Suzy Turner’s Forever Fredless.BUY Forever Fredless to get that feel good factor TODAY!Praise for Forever Fredless:‘The story line was well written, easy to follow, and the ending was my favorite part. The author threw in something completely unexpected and I was very impressed.’‘It's a perfect romantic getaway, packaged in a book’‘A very charming book; especially for those who dream big, love their friends and family and want to live in a world of fantasy that actually becomes reality.’‘Comes with a perfect ending that gave me goose bumps.’‘Such a sweet ending, it did bring tears to my eyes. Fun-filled fantasy romance read. A great book for a relaxing do nothing day. Lose yourself in the pages and enjoy the fantasy.’'Suzy Turner you have found your calling. More of this, please! You have made a die-hard fan!!''If you want a fun romance read, which is a bit dramatic, this is the book you should read!''A wonderfully fun, light, happy read. Just what chick lit should be!'