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Learn how to find, identify, harvest, prepare, and preserve edible wild plants without having to leave your homeland!

First of all, you need to know that

Medical Herbalism

has been used for a huge number of years

like conventional


, and different studies have found that it

actually works


and it’s extremely good to eradicate common ailments, just like modern medicine but in a

100% natural

and healthier way.


is a book for people who live in

naturalistic environments

and want to embrace what Mother Nature provides responsibly, want to live a

sustainable and healthy lifestyle

without consuming toxic industrial goods.

In book 1

Edible Wild Plants of North America

you will find:

60+ Wild Plant Profiles of North America -- including medicinal plants and Poisonous PlantsA Seasonal Harvesting Calendar -- prepare your foraging plan months in advance and maximize all the benefits of your time spent in the forest7 Benefits of Edible Wild Plants that will allow you to live a sustainable life without ever leaving your local area.Techniques for Foraging -- how to find, identify, harvest, prepare and preserve wild edible plants of North AmericaRules for Sustainability & Poisonous Plant Warning Signals -- how to practice safe, ethical & sustainable foraging, and what are the common poisonous wild plants to avoidRecipes -- Each plant is accompanied by an easy and tasty recipe so that you can make the most of your harvest without wasting anything.…& Many More Useful Informations!

In book 2

Native American Herbalist

you will find:

Precious informations about Native American Culture, to fully understand how Native American medicine can actually help you solve your disease easilyA list of the Most Powerful Herbs, like the Ashwagandha or the Comfrey, to make sure that you know everything about the incredible world of herbs and their special properties and beneficial effectsThe Best Herbal Remedies for your Child subdivided into age categories ranging from 0 to 12 years old, so you will be able to help your kid feel better and get rid of his ailments in a 100% natural wayHow to Get Rid of Common Ailments like Anxiety, Asthma, Depression, Insomnia, Diarrhea, Menopausal Problems, and much more, so you will be able to feel immediately better and never take chemical drugs againHow to prepare the Most Common DIY Herbal Recipes, so you can have a midday snack or even a healthy breakfast while you enjoy easy-to-make Teas, Decoctions, Popsicles, Infusions, and many more different tasty recipesWhat are the Medicinal Plants used Daily by Native Americans, to know every different way in which you can heal your body daily, to protect yourself from infections, and to prevent diseases…& Many More Useful Informations!

This incredibly valuable book and the informations written inside will guide you into the art of Foraging, teaching you how to

improve the quality of your life and your wellbeing using only easy-to-find, natural ingredients

, so…What are you waiting for?

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