Author: Thomas A. Whitmire and Jacob D. Miller

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Fusing meta-conspiracy thriller with visionary fiction, FLASH POINT: THE FINAL CONSPIRACY takes place in a very real and urgent modern America. Set in Washington, D.C., Eric Anderson, a clandestine media activist and conspiracy enthusiast, lands an inside job with a shady Southern senator. When national tragedy catapults him into the spotlight, Eric’s very beliefs, motivations, and agency are called into question as he begins to navigate competing power players, manipulative media, and sinister tendrils of the deep state. Along the way he encounters a mysterious homeless man whose prophetic insights help Eric confront the forces seeking to silence them both forever.

FLASH POINT: THE FINAL CONSPIRACY transcends the typical conspiracy thriller. By illuminating the post-truth, conspiracy culture zeitgeist in shocking and subversive ways, FLASH POINT holds a mirror to the national psyche that issues a provocative challenge: Who really runs the show? What choices remain in these unprecedented times? How can we do what needs to be done?